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Dorma RS

Rugged track

The hollow profiled aluminium track is light yet rugged and resistant to twisting. It can be fixed directly under the ceiling or onto a wall. Cutting to the required size is simplicity itself.

Clip-on covers

The covers are made of aluminium, and are easily clipped onto the track. If the track is top fixed, onto the ceiling, the covers are used on both sides; if the track is side fixed, the cover is used on the exposed side only. The covers also can easily be cut to size.

Sidelight profile

A special profile to be hung and screwed into the track is available for the use with fixed sidelights. It ensures that the sidelight glass is mounted with the correct distance to the track. As a matter of course the sidelight profile can be provided with clip-on covers. Furthermore the free sidelight profile in the passage area can be covered from below by a bottom view protection profile.

Gentle, easy action

The carriers run on large nylon wheels, with needle bearings, giving a quiet and very low friction ride. They are made from high grade, glass fibre reinforced nylon, which is corrosion-resistant and extremely strong.

End stop and holder

There is a clever device in the track which operates as a cushioned end stop, retaining the door securely in the end positions.


By a special cable and deflection device a synchronously opening system for a two-panel assembly can be realised. For only one of the panels has to be moved, a biggest possible operating convenience for maximum passage width is guaranteed.

No glass preparation

DORMA-Glas has a wide experience in working with toughened glass, and this has led to the development of a clamping system which is all that is required for securing the glass blades in DORMA RS sliding door gear. This has the additional benefit of allowing some door height adjustment, after the doors is hung, without dismantling the already fixed glass.


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